Popular sport turn into games

Sports has been seen to be of sentimental value to us humans since we were toddlers. Not only is it for fun and a way of keeping kids happy but also a way to help adults unwind and stay both physically and mentally fit. In the past decade, the sports world took a new direction by joining the digital world, with more sports being used to create video and mobile games.

The most popular sport to turn into games with a fan base of close to 3.5 million, is association football/soccer.Trends in football games With such a big fan base, it is no doubt there are a lot of commercialization opportunities in the football world not only as a sport but also as a game. There are games from triple-A titles like FIFA to browser-based games like ManagerZone. FIFA keeps getting more and more popular with hundreds of million players worldwide, both kids and adults.

According to an article published on the New York Times in October 2016, the Arsenal teenage player then Alex Iwobi was quoted saying that when he first played on the field, he would see his opponent and remember how good he played on FIFA causing his coach to remind him to get his head on the game continually. This shows how much the game is affecting how the sport is played.It is no doubt that football is now not only a game but a business.

People pay to play FIFA live against an opponent while others pay to see them play, just like watching a typical football match. Browser-based games such as ManagerZone are so practical that one can actually become a great football manager only from playing the game. It even includes all tasks that a manager is involved in from building arenas to buying players. The football gaming industry has a bright future with great advancement opportunities.