The Future of eSports is Here

The word ‘eSports’ refers to competitive video gaming, electronic sports, and professional video gaming, and was coined by putting the words electronic and sports together. In the same way that a football player practices and plays in games, eSports players compete amongst themselves.

While the video gaming revolution might have started as a way for young people to pass time, eSports are now professional engagements that people get involved in to make tons of cash. Did you know that there will be more spectators at an eSports game than at a live match at any given time? This is an indication of how powerful online gaming is becoming.

The Future

Think of the number of people who play online poker – as the popularity of online tournaments increases, so does that of eSports. A classic example is the thousands of Barcaft fans who flock to bars to watch tournaments over a cold beer. As it is, the World Series of Poker is already causing a stir among fans; only time will tell if this same level of excitement will be seen for GSL or MLG tournaments.

Types of eSports

Since video games are something of a merge between motion pictures and gaming, there are different genres to be found. Genres that are associated with eSports include first person shooter (FPS), real-time strategy, and combat and battle arena for multiple players. Currently, players can sign up to play in tournaments such as the League of Legends World Championship, the International, the Intel Extreme Masters, and the Evolution Championship Series. These tournaments are known for broadcasting live matches, giving prize money to spectators and paying the competitors.

The History of Esports

The emergence of eSports as a form of competitive gaming came about in the early 2000s when the price of computers went down and the Internet became readily available. With a desire to connect to the rest of the world, those who had computers then started playing with like-minded individuals from across the globe. The modern eSports professional is highly skilled, high earning and has a huge following of fans from all over the world.