Travel to discover your interest in sports

There are many barriers between nations of language, culture, and whatnot. Sports crush those obstacles, and when you connect the love of travelling with sports, the result is total pleasure and excitement. Try out these sports while travelling to these amazing locations.

Football and other sports in Spain

Barcelona, Spain, hosts millions of fans to attend La Liga matches, which are the most premier sports tourism places globally with great sports museums. Along with football, Spain is also well-known for Tennis, Formula 1, athletics, hockey, and many others.

Sports in Japan

When you think of Japan, you may imagine Sumo wrestling or martial arts. However, this fascinating country offers other sports like boxing, golf, tennis, and baseball.

Explore other sports while travelling

While exploring the world why not visit some of the most spectacular sports venues such as:

  • Dressage in Spain — The Royal stables of Córdoba.
  • Falconry in California — West Coast Falconry Center in Marysville, California.
  • Pétanque in France — learn from the Federation of Pétanque USA.
  • Caber Tossing in Scotland — Mavis Hall Park in East Lothian.
  • Fencing in the U.K. — London’s Blades Club.

Remember to find out as much as possible before embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

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