Weirdest Olympic Sports

olympic rings

We are all familiar with classic Olympic sports such as cycling, gymnastics and long distance running. However, there are some much weirder Olympic sports that you might not be familiar with. Let’s take a look at them.

Club Swinging

This former Olympic sport first took place in 1904 and was featured until 1932. During the event, competitors held clubs that looked like bowling pins in each hand. The competitors then twirled the clubs and scored points for the most complicated and impressive routines.

Live Pigeon Shooting

This event would not go down well with animal lovers if it was still part of the Olympics today. However, when the live pigeon shooting event was held during the 1900 Paris Olympics it was very popular and even attracted a large number of female competitors. The most medals won were by Great Britain and a record 21 pigeons were shot by the winner, with more than three hundred pigeons being shot in total.

Solo Synchronised Swimming

The whole point of synchronised events is that two competitors perfectly mimic the movements of each other, making solo synchronised events seem impossible. However, the solo synchronised swimming event was held as part of the 1984 Los Angeles Games and Tracie Ruiz from the USA took the gold.

Swimming Obstacle Course

This bizarre event was showcased at the 1900 Paris Olympics and groups of swimming had to crawl over boasts and swim underneath them. The action took place in the Seine and was certainly very entertaining to watch, although its appeal was short lived.

Race Walking

Speed walkers of the world unite to bring you an event that is nowhere near as exciting or speedy as running. This event has been part of the Olympics since 1904 and is still held today. People who can stand the excitement will be able to watch 20 kilometre walks for men and women and an additional 50 kilometre walk for men. Although the athletes are specially trained, the event is sure to be a long one.