New and alternative sports you didn’t know about before

room for sportsApart from sports you’ve loved since childhood there are others you’ve most likely never heard of. As there are so many wacky sports it’s impossible to write about all of them but I’ll briefly mention a few.What sort of sports have you not heard of before?Many of these are, in fact, variants on familiar sports. Others, including some variants, originated in one part of the world and got transported to another. Many new sports combine two or more familiar sports while some old, but unfamiliar sports, are used to solidify a local identity.Variants on familiar sportsSwamp Soccer, now played in Finland, is a variant of football first played in Bishop Auckland in the UK to build up the strength of army recruits. Buzkashi, a traditional sport of Central Asia, is another transported variant, this time of polo but using cow or goat carcasses instead of wooden mallets and a ball.Combination sportsExamples are Chess Boxing which is serious enough for the World Chess Boxing Association to exist and an Asian game, Seepak Takraw, which combines karate and volleyball. A new game of this type found on the internet is calledBoundball which is supposed to be a combination of basketball, football and soccer.Sports used to preserve a local identityThere are so many including bun-climbing in Hong Kong in which competitors climb up bamboo structures covered in buns retrieving as many as they can, camel races in the Middle East, toilet seat tossing in the US Redneck Games and the wife carrying competitions in Finland where men attempt an obstacle course carrying their wives upside down on their backs hoping to win their wife’s weight in beer!